Advantages Of The GMAT – Why GMAT Exam Is Required?

Advantages Of The GMAT

If your aspiration is to pursue an MBA from a highly regarded international business school, it is necessary to undertake the GMAT examination. Your performance on this exam will serve as your entry passes to the esteemed institutions where you aim to build a successful MBA career. Nonetheless, the advantages of the GMAT extend far beyond mere admission into an MBA program. It significantly impacts your professional trajectory over an extended period. It also jumpstarts your career at an elevated level, granting you an edge over other candidates and presenting numerous alternative career pathways as fallback options.

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Here are a few reasons why you should definitely take the GMAT

1. Top B-schools Prefer It

The GMAT is standardized and exclusively designed for admission to business and management programs. It holds the highest level of trust among international business schools. With approximately 2,300 business schools accepting GMAT scores for over 7,000 programs, it is a crucial requirement for aspiring students targeting top-tier B-schools. Since the curriculum of these schools is known for its rigour, your GMAT score plays a significant role in assessing your ability to handle the demanding coursework. While work experience, academic performance, letters of recommendation, and personal essays contribute to the admission process, your GMAT score is a key parameter in the selection criteria.

Top B-Schools Prefer It
Top B-Schools Prefer It

Top schools like Harvard enrolled 71% of its students through the GMAT for its class of 2023, and about 80% of new entrants to top-ranked US and European full-time MBA programs were admitted using GMAT exam scores.

2. Scholarships

Even if you excel in the GMAT exam, the cost of most international MBA programs can be prohibitively high. Affording the fees for a prestigious B-school can pose significant challenges. A viable approach to pursuing an MBA degree without incurring financial burdens is by securing a scholarship. However, obtaining a scholarship is highly competitive, given the many aspirants vying for limited opportunities.


Nonetheless, with an outstanding GMAT score, you can secure a scholarship. It is crucial to plan and be aware of the early application deadlines for scholarships, which must not be missed under any circumstances. To determine the average GMAT score required for consideration of a scholarship at your preferred B-school, research thoroughly and strive to achieve the target score. It is important to note that while a good GMAT score is valuable, it does not guarantee a scholarship, as universities assess a student’s overall profile. B-schools consider various other metrics that vary from institution to institution. Hence, it is essential to conduct comprehensive research before applying for a scholarship and prepare accordingly.

3. Importance During Placements

A strong GMAT score holds significance beyond gaining admission to a prestigious college or university. It greatly influences your post-MBA placement and salary prospects. Employers often incorporate your GMAT score as an evaluation component during their recruitment process. Many companies provide attractive salary packages to candidates with a commendable GMAT score. Therefore, a good GMAT score proves advantageous in securing well-paid positions within established firms.

Importance During Placements
Importance During Placements

4. Enhancement of Analytical Skills

Your logical, analytical, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities are thoroughly evaluated as you prepare for the GMAT exam. The consistent practice and preparation required for the exam necessitate sharpening these skills, leading to the potential for achieving a high score. Moreover, this process enhances your capacity to comprehend and organise various types of information, enabling you to make more informed decisions on matters of both small and large significance, whether they pertain to professional or personal aspects of life.

Enhancement of Analytical Skills
Enhancement of Analytical Skills

Furthermore, one of the notable advantages of the GMAT is the substantial improvement it brings to your time management skills. This skill becomes indispensable in effectively prioritising tasks professionally and in general life. The GMAT serves as a catalyst for honing this essential skill, offering valuable benefits beyond the scope of the exam itself.

The GMAT serves as a gauge of your aptitude, encompassing various aspects of your abilities. A strong GMAT score reflects exceptional communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. This demonstrates your competence to handle diverse tasks within the rigorous MBA programs and while working in esteemed organisations like McKinsey and BCG or independently. Considering the significant role of the GMAT exam in shaping a successful future, it is a highly advantageous pursuit.

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