GMAT Focus Edition Syllabus PDF for 2024

GMAT Focus Edition Syllabus 2024 PDF

GMAT Focus Edition Syllabus PDF for 2024

In this article we have provided GMAT Focus Edition Syllabus PDF 2024. GMAT has unveiled its another variant on November 7th, 2023. We advise you to go through the article thoroughly to get a fair understanding of the new exam.

This exam has created a buzz across the student community after the latest update. There are partial changes in exam pattern, topics weight-age and test taking approach.

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What is The Format of GMAT Focus Edition?

There are three main sections in GMAT Focus Edition. They are: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Data Insights. Also, note that there is an optional break of 10 minutes in between the sections.

Sections Duration Number of Questions
Verbal Reasoning 45 minutes 23
Quantitative Reasoning 45 minutes 21
Data Insights 45 minutes 20
Total  135 minutes (2 hrs 15 minutes) 64 questions

Verbal Reasoning

Under this section, 23 questions are asked. They are of the multiple-choice types.

Quantitative Reasoning

21 multiple-choice questions are asked under this section. Questions from Geometry are not asked. Questions are asked from Arithmetic and Algebra alone.

  • This section no longer contains Data Sufficiency Questions.

Data Insights

This is the newly introduced section with the latest Focus Edition update. 20 questions are asked under this section. Under 45 minutes, you should be able to solve the given 20 questions.

What is The Syllabus of GMAT Focus Edition 2024?

Sections Types of Questions
Quantitative Reasoning Algebra, Arithmetic
Verbal Reasoning Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension
Data Insights Data Sufficiency, Table Analysis, Multi-source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis

Syllabus for Quantitative Reasoning

GMAT Focus Edition only asks questions from Arithmetic and Algebra alone. Questions from Geometry are excluded in the latest GMAT version. The Topics for Arithmetic are mentioned below.

1. Properties Of Integers
2. Fractions
3. Decimals
4. Real Numbers
5. Ratio and Proportions
6. Percentages
7. Powers and Roots of Numbers
8. Descriptive Statistics
9. Counting Methods
10.Discrete Probability
11. Sets
12. Profit and Loss, Discount

Chapters that are part of Algebra are mentioned below. All the below mentioned topics are important for the Focus Edition.

1. Simplifying of Algebraic Expressions
2. Equations
3. Solving Linear Equations With One Unknown
4. Solving Two Linear Equations With Two Unknowns
5. Solving Equations by Factoring
6. Solving Quadratic Equations
7. Exponents
8. Inequalities
9. Absolute Value
10. Functions

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Syllabus for Verbal Reasoning

The GMAT Focus Edition no longer includes the Sentence Correction section. Instead, the exam focuses solely on the following topics.

Critical Reasoning  A short paragraph, less than 100 words, is followed by questions about strengthening or weakening arguments, identifying flaws, and supporting or undermining statements.
Reading Comprehension A reading comprehension (RC) is provided, followed by questions on drawing inferences, understanding the logical relations between main points, identifying supporting ideas, and analysing the logical structure.

Syllabus for Data Insights

This is a newly introduced section of Data Interpretation section of GMAT.

Multi-source Reasoning Analysis of data from various sources such as tables, text, graphics + Inference + Relevant Data Determination + Discrepancy Recognition
Table Analysis You should be able to sort, analyse and extract data from the table or spreadsheet.
Graphics Interpretation Extraction of information from Graphics such as Scatter Plot, X/Y Graph, Bar Chart, Pie Chart or Statistical Curve Distribution.
Two-part Analyses Combination of Quant or Verbal or Anyone Alone + Solving Simultaneous Equation + Finding Relationships

What Does GMAT Focus Edition Test?

Verbal Reasoning

  • This section assesses candidates’ comprehension skills.

It evaluates the ability to read, understand, evaluate, and derive meaning from passages.

  • Critical reasoning skills are also tested, demanding the construction and analysis of arguments and leading to effective conclusions.

Critical Reasoning requires the candidate to construct and analyse arguments. From the argument, you should be able to conclude.

Candidates must choose statements that strengthen, weaken, or evaluate arguments based on a given paragraph.

Data Insights

This section tests the candidate’s problem-solving skills. Logical skills are required more than quantitative skills to ace this section.

  • Tests logical, numerical, and reasoning skills.

This section requires candidates to interpret and apply data to real case scenarios. You will be presented with different sources of information and should be able to extract information.

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Quantitative Reasoning

This section requires basic arithmetic and algebraic skills. Foundational knowledge is needed.

  • Logic and analytical skills are vital for quantitative problems.

What is the difference between the GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition?

The difference between GMAT and GMAT Focus Edition is given below. The major difference is in the duration and the number of questions for each section. Some sections like AWA are removed for the latest variant.

Exam Format GMAT GMAT Focus Edition
Quantitative Reasoning 31 Questions – 62 minutes 21 Questions – 45 minutes
Verbal Reasoning 36 Questions – 65 minutes 23 Questions – 45 minutes
Integrated Reasoning 12 Questions – 30 minutes


20 Questions – 45 minutes

Changed into Data Insights

Analytical Writing Assessment  


1 Question – 30 minutes



– No –
Breaks Two Breaks – 8 minutes each  One Break – 10 minutes


Is ISB Accepting GMAT Focus Editon?

Yes, ISB is accepting Focus Edition Scores for their admission in the 2024-25 batch. However, the admissions for ISB through the latest version become open from Round 2 only. 

Is Harvard Accepting GMAT Focus Edition Score?

Yes, Harvard accepts Focus Edition Scores for Admission. But, only from April 2024 for 2+2 Admissions. 

What is the GMAT Focus Edition?

The GMAT Focus Edition is a shorter, more efficient version of GMAT. There are also new changes in sections such as removal of AWA section. Another new section “Data Inisights” is introduced newly. The latest edition is 1 hr shorter than the original one.

Is GMAT Focus Harder Than GMAT?

No, it is almost the same. In the verbal section, sentence correction, and in the quant section, geometry portions are removed for Focus Edition. And this might add a slight advantage for the candidates struggling with the above mentioned portions. 

What is the Lifetime Limit for GMAT Focus Edition?

GMAT Focus Edition can be taken by a candidate 5 times at a maximum in a year. Also, any candidate can take the GMAT for times, the lifetime limit set by the GMAT.

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