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GMAT B-School Call Predictor

Here you can find the likeliness of receiving a call from the world's top B-Schools, based on your GMAT Score and Profile.

Your Chances of Getting a Call

We will provide the chances of getting a call based on various parameters. Each B-School has different criteria for selection and gives different weightage to your GMAT Score and Overall Profile. Based on the details you provide, you will understand the likeliness of getting a call from your favourite B-School. Please note that this predictor tool is based on our research and experience.

Remember that GMAT is only one of the many evaluation criteria. Your chances of receiving a call from the top B-Schools depends on the strength of your overall profile.

Your Overall Profile depends on:

  1. Extra-curricular and co-curricular achievements
  2. Position of responsibilities shouldered
  3. Leadership role in your team or organisation
  4. Workplace accomplishments
  5. Internationally recognised certifications
  6. Social impact of any kind, etc.