GMAT Algebra Formulas | Algebra Cheat Sheet [PDF]

by Naveen Kumar April 2, 2024 1550

Download GMAT Algebra Formulas PDF

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Outline of various topics covered in Algebra formulas for GMAT PDF:

⇒ Linear Equations
  • Equations with two variables
  • General Procedure to solve linear equations
⇒ Quadratic Equations
  • Signs of the roots
  • Finding a quadratic equation

⇒ Inequalities

⇒ Progressions & Series

  • Equations with two variables
  • Arithmetic progression (A.P)
  • Properties of A.P
  • Geometric progression (G.P)
  • Properties of G.P
  • Harmonic progression (H.P)
  • Properties of H.P
  • Standard Series
  • Arithmetic Mean
  • Geometric Mean
  • Harmonic Mean

⇒  Exponents & Roots

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