Why GMAT Daily Targets?

Why GMAT Daily Targets?

Why GMAT Daily Targets?

First, what are GMAT Daily Targets? Well, Daily Targets are free short GMAT Tests, of 5 questions each, offered by GMAT Point. They are scheduled every day of the week from Monday to Friday. But how are these going to help you out if you are seriously preparing for the GMAT? In this article, we are going to discuss why to take GMAT Daily Targets or Practice Tests.

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1. Daily Targets give you a feel of the examination

Apart from being a set of 5 questions, the Daily Targets are in the form of small practice tests themselves. The timer keeps ticking as you give the test, and you slowly get used to the habit of giving tests under time pressure. This helps you out in the actual exam, mainly because students often get caught off guard by the intensive time pressure in the GMAT. In addition to this, the interface is very similar to a test-taking interface, and you will get accustomed to it once you take a few DTs.

2. A mix of PS and DS questions

PS (Problem-Solving) and DS(Data Sufficiency) constitute the two types of questions as far as the GMAT Quantitative Review is concerned. The Daily Targets have a good mix of both types of questions.

3. High-quality Q48+ questions

The questions are of very high quality and are mainly of moderate to difficult level. If we have to align them with a particular mark on the GMAT scale, most questions would be of a difficulty level of Q48 question or more.

4. Elaborate explanations

This is the best part of GMAT Daily Targets. In addition to elaborate, comprehensive text explanations, the Daily Target questions have video explanations by our expert faculty, where different ways of tackling a question are discussed elaborately.

5. Finetune your preparation

Practising five high-quality questions each day of the week will finetune your preparation. Even if you miss out on studying for a day or two because of your professional commitments, solving the Daily Targets will ensure that you keep practising without fail.

6. Must-practice questions

If you are very strong in Quants, these questions are must-practice questions. As already mentioned, these questions are of moderate to hard difficulty level. It will give you a final touch of practice before you take the official exam. Also, if you have missed out on a few topics, you will learn them on the way of solving the Daily Targets.

7. Mastering the concepts

As you keep solving the daily targets, you will encounter a variety of concepts, topics, formulae, and subtopics, all of which are very important in the context of the GMAT.

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8. Topic-wise nature

The Daily Target tests are topic-wise tests. There will be a specific topic on any particular day, and all five questions will be of that topic. Hence, you can treat them as topic-wise tests to ace the examination.

9. Takes only 10 minutes of your day

Well, this is not a time-consuming task. It takes 10 minutes of your day. The return is much more than the effort required. Make sure you capitalize on it. You can easily make way for 10 minutes daily.

10. Habit formation

Practising questions every day without fail creates a habit in you that will benefit you in the examination. The GMAT requires consistency and dedication in your preparation, and taking the daily targets every single day without fail would ensure that you are consistent enough to crack the examination.

11. Closeness to GMAT standards

The questions are very similar to GMAT standards. The content, quality, difficulty level, concepts are the same as those tested in the GMAT. Hence, daily targets will go a long way in ensuring that you pass the exam with flying colours.

12. Conceptual, not calculation-intensive

The daily targets, just like GMAT, focus more on your fundamental concepts and your familiarity with the basics, instead of focusing on unnecessary calculation skills.

13. Completely Free

Well, the best feature of the GMAT Daily Targets is that they are entirely free. You do not need to shell out even a penny to give the Daily Targets. All you need to do is sign in and give the test! That’s it.

You can check out the Free GMAT Daily Targets on our platform.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Wish you all the best for the GMAT.

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