GMAT score and Profile needed to get into ISB Hyderabad

GMAT score and Profile needed to get into ISB

GMAT Score And Profile Needed to Get Into ISB Hyderabad

The Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) at ISB is a worldwide top-ranked one-year management programme. The programme is designed to enhance business management skills. This article will discuss the GMAT Score and profile needed to get into ISB Hyderabad for PGP Program.

Let us know about the required GMAT Score and how your Profile is supposed to be.

Before knowing about the profile needed to get into ISB Hyderabad for PGP Program, you must consider the most salient metrics in your profile to gain admission to the ISB Hyderabad PGP program. They are Average GMAT Scores required, work experience and needed average age. Let us see about each metric in detail.

If you’re preparing for the GMAT, firstly, you should be aware of the examination pattern clearly and have a proper GMAT online preparation plan.

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Range of GMAT Score

The range of GMAT Scores is from 600 to 780. And also, there is no specific cutoff for the GMAT score.

So, the GMAT Scores required to get into ISB Hyderabad can range anywhere between 600 to 780. The required score depends on a lot of factors, the major factor being the Strength of your Profile. If one has an excellent profile, he/she can get a call from ISB at a GMAT Score of even a 610. The lowest GMAT Score for ISB is usually around 610. On the other hand, if one has an average profile, it is safe to have a score of 700 and above.

Factors determining your Profile Strength

The following are some of the major factors that determine the Strength of your Profile:

1. Extra-curricular and co-curricular achievements

2. Position of responsibilities shouldered

3. Leadership role in your team or organisation

4. Workplace accomplishments

5. Internationally recognized certifications

6. Social impact of any kind

7. Any other award or accomplishment of a national or international level.

Now you got awareness about the range of GMAT scores. But what is the safe score, i.e. the average score needed to get into the ISB Hyderabad?

Let us see in detail in the below section.

Average GMAT Score and profile Needed to get into ISB Hyderabad

In the admission process for this flagship PGP program, the admission council will consider your 12th standard grades, graduation grades, post-graduation and certification scores- wherever applicable, along with the overall GMAT score.

The Average GMAT Score required to get into ISB Hyderabad is 710, which is the safe score to gain admission to ISB Hyderabad. GMAT scores are valid for five years from the date you take the test. Since they require the GMAT for admission, you must take the test before submitting your application. The scores you report must be valid as of the deadline date of the round you apply.

Work Experience Needed for this PGP Program

This Flagship Post Graduation Program is designed for those who want to transform their careers by expanding their existing thought process and refining their goals and objectives. For getting admission to this flagship program, you must need 2 to 20 years of work experience. And also, mention your top job responsibilities, initiatives, and achievements during the admission process.

It would help if you also got ready to make an essay reflecting on your experiences and letting your thoughts flow. Focus on uniqueness and leadership.

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Average Age at the PGP batch of ISB Hyderabad

The Average age required to get into ISB Hyderabad for the PGP program is 27. The minimum age to get into this program is 22, and that candidate must need at least two years of experience. You can also go through the pie chart below that reflects the age diversity of the class profile of the current PGP batch, i.e. 2022-23. This information is from the official website of ISB Hyderabad.

Age Diversity Pie Chart

ISB PGP Fee and Financing

You must know about the fee and finance before getting into this flagship program. As per the information from the official website of ISB Hyderabad, the tuition fee can be estimated at around 35+ Lakhs. There will be two categories of fee structure based on the student accommodation. You can visit the official website of ISB Hyderabad to know the fee structure in detail.

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