HEC Paris MBA Employment Report & Class Profile

HEC Paris MBA Employment Report

HEC Paris MBA Employment Report And Class Profile

One of the world’s best business schools, HEC Paris is a leader in research and education in management sciences. HEC Paris offers a complete and unique range of business programs for the most talented students and leaders from around the world. The HEC Paris MBA Placements report for the 2020 batch which we are going to discuss, is as per the information presented on the Official website. In uncommon situations of covid, 88.3% of the Class of 2020 accepted job offers within six months of graduation. In this article, we will discuss the details of the HEC Paris MBA Employment report and class profile of the 2020 Batch.

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HEC Paris MBA Employment Report

In the year 2020, the career center team in HEC Paris provided more career-development workshops than ever before, increasing by 68% the number of presentations offered compared to 2019. Now let us see the Placement key highlights in the HEC Paris MBA employment report.

HEC Paris Placement Key Highlights

  • HEC Paris MBA Average salary in the class of 2020 is $ 118,797.
  • The Maximum salary package is $289,750.
  • The median salary package is $ 110,007.

Sector-wise Packages

Sector Maximum Salary Median Salary
Consulting $201,545 $87,138
Finance $260,000 $80,618
Technology $222,292 $100,772
Health care $165,978 $88,977
Consumer Packaged Goods $218,652 $120,652
Energy $112,628 $94,844
Retail $112,112 $90,102
Manufacturing $289,750 $118,556

Prominent Recruiters

  • Zalando
  • Medtronic
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • BCG
  • Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd
  • Deloitte
  • BASF
  • ATOS
  • PWC

HEC Paris Placements: Career Transformations

At the HEC Paris MBA, the majority of the students made a career transformation, with 91% changing sector, 69% changing function and 66% changing their location. Career Transformation

HEC Paris Class Profile 2020

  • A total number of 274 students are there in the year 2020. Most of the students are international participants i.e almost 92% of the students are from different regions like America, Africa & the Middle East and Asia & Oceania.
  • The average work experience of the MBA 2020 batch is 6years. Also, the HEC Paris MBA average age in the batch of 2020 is 30.
  • The Gender ratio of the HEC Paris MBA 2020 Batch is 33% of the students are women and 67% of the students are men.
  • The Average GMAT Score in this batch is 690.

Source Of Opportunity

  • Most of the opportunities for batch 2020 are from the source of School-Facilitated i.e 66%. The below statistics give detailed information about the School-Feciliated Opportunities.

School-Facilitated opportunities

  • 34% of the opportunities are from Graduate-Facilitated. The below statistics give detailed information about the Graduate-Feciliated Opportunities.

Garduate-Feciliated Opportunities


This is about the HEC Paris MBA Employment Report 2020 and the class profile in detail. You can also visit the official document of the HEC Paris MBA Placement Report for more details.

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