GMAT Ratio & Proportion Formulas | Ratio & Proportion Cheat Sheet [PDF]

by Naveen Kumar June 16, 2023 1947

Ratio & Proportion Formulas for GMAT PDF

One of the most basic GMAT topics is ratio and proportions. It's merely a continuation of high school math. The fundamentals of this notion are significant not only in their own right, but also in answering questions about other concepts. All ratio and proportion problems need the use of the ratio proportion formula. We may simplify your work and save a lot of time by using the ratio proportion formula. So, here are the formulas for proportional ratios. We are providing the PDF of Ratios and Proportions Formulas. You can download PDF below.

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Ratio & Proportion Formulas

Ratios: A ratio is a comparison and a division all in one, and it can be regarded as such. The proportion B/G = 7/2 can be represented as "the ratio of boys to girls is seven to two." Please do whatever you want with it: Whatever you choose to call it, 7G = 2B or B = 7G/2. When it comes to ratios, don't use the ":" sign.

GMAT writers like to use ratios (multiplicative relationships) with a fundamental component (addition/subtraction).

A ratio is the comparison of two numbers. The a to b ratio can alternatively be written as a:b or a/b

Note: It's worth noting that when we have a ratio like B/G = 7/2, we don't truly know how many girls and boys there are. Fourteen boys and four girls, or 70 males and 20 girls, are possible combinations. Absolute-number questions should be approached with prudence.

Proportion: A percentage consists of two ratios that are set to be equal., like in the question above. In most cases, one of the four slots contains a variable, and we are taught to cross-multiply and solve for that variable. However, before cross multiplying, it's a good idea to minimise top-bottom AND left-right. You'll be able to work with the smallest (and easiest) (and quickest) numbers conceivable. A proportion is the product of two ratios that are equal. To assist us build equivalent ratios and solve for unknown numbers, we write proportions.

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Outline of various topics covered in this Ratio and Proportion [PDF] are :

  • Definition of Ratio & Properties of Ratios (Equlaities, Invertendo, Alternendo, Componendo, Dividendo, Componendo-Dividendo and some other similar formulas.)
  • Types of Ratios (Duplicate, Sub-duplicate, Triplicate, Sub-triplicate ratios)
  • Introduction to proportions (including extremes and means)
  • Properties and formulas of proportions (continued proportion,  third proportion,  fourth proportion)
  • Variations & Proportions
  • Types of variations and their formulas(directly proportional and inversely proportional)
  • Properties of Variations

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